Higher, higher and higher up I go,

Taking notice so radiant a beautiful shine,

One step after another with flowing thoughts in tow,

The closer I get to the top wishing this glow was all mine,

The glow so beautiful full simply pretty and full of fun,

That radiant, beautiful, pretty, flowing glow of the SUN!!





Single, not one, not two not three just ONE.

Easily pulled from the earth a single blade of green

so smooth, unique, simply perfect and clean

Easily swept up and thrown in the trash.

A different pattern when put under a magnifying glass

 Surviving seasons being brown, cut or beautiful and green

A single blade of grass unthought-of and UNSEEN.

 I love the green earth and each single blade of grass.

It’s about Confidence..

~ Your confidence will get you where you want to go, and getting there Is a daily process for you. Always feel good about yourself, your abilities and talents. It will be smart to use your experiences to help you gain strength and confidence and face your present and future head on. Use your confidence in your preparation as everything else is beyond your control. Always love who you are.~


A Clown Under My Bed !!

Clown  In the middle of the night I was sleepless and cold waiting for first light.
I shook and trembled and to started to cry, all because I heard noises from nearby
Many thoughts were entering my mind, I was freaking out afraid of what I would find.
I scooted to the edge of my bed and sat there for a moment, I’m telling you it felt like a day of atonement.
Slowly I redacted down and lifted the spread, I jumped back screaming “Oh no there is a clown under my bed”!


My accomplishments make me feel pleasant,

I Love getting lost in my thoughts

And shining like a pretty red present

I often need time and space to sort things out

Brand new me I am working on without a doubt…


~I continually pray for the courage to visualize my dreams, to reject all my fears, to be a better person and to fulfill my desires…For I am beautiful, amazing, and worthy. ~

New Beginnings…

~ I have decided to start today by celebrating many endings because they pave the way for my new beginnings. Yep, I love who I am becoming and excited in a GREAT way. ~


We Shall Release…

Entering a time in life where everything seems new

No longer am I bound, as all I think of is you.

Simply the nutrients I needed for my soul

I have waited for a man like you to make me feel whole

Coming back into my life has taught me patience and love

In that near future we shall release that Dove.

At a Crossroad…

~ There are moments in my life when I know I will find myself at a crossroad. The choice I make in that moment can define the rest of my days. At that moment when faced with the unknown of which way to go. Most prefer to turn around and go back but I will always choose to face LIFE head on as GOD has it planned out for me. I have decided to take the good with the bad. ~

I am who I am…

Never will I discount my capabilities; each day I am growing smarter through my fault and of course with GOD in my corner there are many possibilities.

Every path is different and as no two are the same I am learning day by day it’s important to stay in my lane.

Nope I don’t mind this process is just as valuable as the result. I believe in constructive criticism and that to me is no insult.

This journey I have chosen is for me it’s mapped out on my shelf. I will forever be able to look back and see the progress and growth within myself.

I will never gauge my success by comparing to the next person, I am who I am!

Wrapped In His Arms…

~ Wrapped in his arms ~

Standing in the fog not able to see my hands,

I slowly reach out only to feel the soft meadowland,

God took care of me keeping me from harm,

Opening my eyes sleeping like a baby I was wrapped in his arms.

Not Another Question…

When things in my life aren’t going so well the first thing I do is ask WHY?

I know questions are No, No as GOD is with me by and by.

I feel so tired, sad and lonely knowing I was taught better,

As of this moment before 2012 I will be that go getter

He is here to guide me, Love me and watching my every expression

I can’t let him down but have faith and not ask another question.


I believe in him and love who I am becoming.

The Magic In Me…

I am unique, with what I have in me.

Look very closely and you will see

I am climbing to the top with patience on my side

It’s a wonderful journey I am making with much pride

One bad move or decision my journey could turn tragic

I have faith that will not happen as what I have in me is beautiful MAGIC.

Tossing and Turning…

~ Laying in bed tossing and turning, the more I seek the more I am yearning, crying out to GOD almighty thanking him for all he has done, I know I’m loved enough that he’ll allow me to see the morning sun. I’m all wrapped up listening to dogs bark but its ok as I speak to him while lying here in the dark~


My Glow…


~I feel just like I make empty promises if I don’t fully commit,

I carry something special with me at all times I’m not ashamed to admit;

I never leave home without it because of how I feel when I pass it onto others.

It is nothing more than a special gift passed on by my mother;

I need this to continue to grow especially when I smile at a strangers and say hello,

I bet you are wondering what, so I must tell you it’s my lovely GLOW. ~



Silence, stop and listen can you hear it? When I close my eyes no matter the spot, I can grab my silence and do my happy trot. It’s a different kind of feeling that makes me smile and when I get in this mood I definitely want it to last a while. I am smiling now enjoying this, my kind of silence and that is the reason my life has no violence. My silence can you hear it?


Transparent as I stand back observing, looking, listening and taking it all in. I am always told one thing but I truly notice that sneaky grin. Over and over you have played with my emotions just know I scattered your game and thoughts over the widest ocean. It means nothing to me like a boat without a sail you can carry on and know that because of you I will never fail. I so love me and who I am becoming as I think of you I think of my favorite song and start humming. That is who I am!!


‎~ I am so truly blessed and so truly thankful, I never complain of being lonely as I realize I am a living testimony. Miracles and prayers are so REAL, I know because GOD was right there as I began to heal. The doctors said I should have been gone but my GOD never left me alone. ~


‎~ Slowly moving like a butterfly, flowing in the wind, watching my world around me spin, spin, spin, I am on a backwards spiral, a Caterpillar slowly moving, slowly getting by, all the way back, I go, I go slowly. I am entering my, oh yes I am entering my pupa stage, I will remain there until I am ready to transition. I am beautiful. ~

Watching Squirrels…

Love to watch the squirrels! Watching squirrels run back and forth, all around, up and down the tree, Fast, playful but steadily watching me. Such beautiful fuzzy squirrels one of Gods great creations, always seems in a rush with no true destination.

The Circle Of Life…

‎~ I will no longer stand outside the circle of life and wonder why…Why I always feel left out? All that I need is my own permission, to join in! I choose to take part instead of feeling left out. I am in love with who I am. ~

Only GOD…

~ My happiness keeps me sweet, my sad moments and sorrows keep me human, this wonderful life I live keeps me humble,my success keeps me glowing, but only God can keep me going. Now that I know. I am so in love with my life. ~

No Insecurities…

‎~ My Insecurities will always rent the space it occupies if I was to allow it , but I have decided to let my confidence own the building and any other room it steps in. I love who I am and I OWN it. ~

Start a New Page…

~ When you feel that you have reached the end and that you cannot go one step further, when life seems to drain of all-purpose; Take that opportunity to start all over again, to start a new page. ~

The Key To True Happiness…

All things happen for a reason, but the key to true happiness is figuring out the reason it happened. Before you settle or blame anyone ask yourself why? If you can come up with an answer trust me happiness will follow. 


Visualize the thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Start making your mental blue print, and begin to build on it. It’s never too late to get started.

Me, Me, Me…

~ Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around them, me, me, and more me. But if you want to be prosperous in the truest sense of the word, it can’t only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people’s lives. Do something nice for someone today and stop being about yourself. ~


~ We hardly ever step outside of ourselves to really grasp the needs and fears of others. We often place our own thoughts and beliefs upon strangers, and make judgments based upon how we think they should be living their lives. If only we could experience a few moments inside the feelings of another person, the world would be a much more compassionate and benevolent place. You never know what the person next to you is really feeling or going through. ~


Let Go Of Suffering…

Most times we feel we are suffering, and we may be but we must know that suffering is not holding us. We are holding suffering. When we become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then we’ll come to realize how unnecessary it was for us to drag those burdens around with us. We’ll see that no one else other than ourselves were responsible. The truth is that existence wants our life to become a celebration. So let’s begin each day by celebrating life and stop holding suffering.

When life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, I show life that I have a thousand reasons to smile. Loving who I have become and the GREAT things coming my way.~

Listen To Your Heart…

~ Listen to your heart, sometimes instead of trusting our hearts we settle for something we “think we know” because we fear the “unknown”, and we convince ourselves that it feels so right. We must start listening to our hearts and stop settling. ~

Reach Out…

‎~Sometimes we say things that we regret, not knowing how to reach out to that person, not knowing how to reverse a decision. Fearing we will be rejected for the mistake we made. We must realize that is a false fear, reach out if you have hurt someone.Trust me you will feel better about yourself ~

Stop Judging Others…

~ Sometimes, we have pre-conceived ideas and we judge another person maybe their past has been different from ours, race, religion, color, sexual orientation and upbringing can all be factors in how a person grows in life. We should never point fingers because when we do there are two pointing back at us~


~ Sometimes we jump to conclusions and make assumptions of another person, just remember that sometimes those assumptions can break hearts theirs and yours ~


What I Bring To You…


I am not bringing the glory of friendship with an outstretched hand, my beautiful smile or the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that I bring to you. I have discovered something that nourishes my soul and brings me joy, I care enough about myself to make room for it and hope you will too.


~ I woke up with the attitude of wanting to change the world!! I may not be able to control what happens to me, but I can control my attitude toward what happens to me, and in that, I will be mastering change and not allowing it to master me. ~

Determination Can Move Mountains…

Life is constantly testing me for my level of commitment, and my life’s greatest rewards are reserved for me once  I demonstrate a never-ending commitment to perform until I achieve. My level of determination can move mountains, but I must be constant and consistent. As simplistic as this may sound, it is still a common denominator separating my dreams from reality.

Be A Leader…

~ As you start your day let your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Know that your leadership would benefit of other followers so you should never be afraid of being a leader. Feel comfortable to encourage others along the way and notice how great you will feel on the inside ~


My Smile Remains…

~ I will never let anyone change the loving and caring person that I am.  I won’t let anyone get me down and remember to use the love I have to stay strong. It is always the simple things that can change my life but as long as I believe in myself and have faith in my abilities I can do anything and I mean anything. I have put a smile on my face and determined to keep it there. ~

To Forgive…


Always remember you can forgive someone for almost anything. But you cannot tolerate everything…You don’t have to tolerate what people do to you just because you have forgiven them for doing it. Forgiving is to heal us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us in the long run.

I am a STRONG woman…

A strong woman is a woman who can weather many storms without changing her personality, character or morals. A strong woman is intelligent, honest, ambitious, passionate and has the power to say NO!! That defines a beautiful and strong woman. I am that WOMAN!!

Stay Positive

~In life don't allow changes to make you a victim. 
People will try to shake you or disappoint you, 
but you should never let them prevent you from staying positive. 
Take any situation presented to you and move on. 
No matter where you are in life or your situation, you can and 
should always do something. 
Realize that you have a choice and the choice will be powerful!! ~


Which Will You Choose?

Start each day off with a new thought process and believe in yourself; you can choose to go back toward shelter or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again. I don’t know about you but I choose to move forward toward MY growth. Which will you choose?

Get Everything and Enjoy…

There are two things I am aiming for in my life, first I want to get everything I want and then I want to sit back and enjoy it all. My determination serves me well.


~ I believe that all things happen when the time is right and when it happens it will be right on time.~


I Am Unique…

I am UNIQUE, I have accepted my uniqueness, I set priorities and make the best decisions for me. I have to learn with my own limitations and give myself and others respect that is due. I am a wonderful person and my life is not a problem but a precious gift to cherish.


Being Myself…

I Don’t follow other players or the tournaments they play; I have my schedule and do my thing. I never think, “Oh I want to be like him or her”. I enjoy being myself and who I am. As long as I continue to think this way and take action it will help me gain a better understanding of myself and the world around me.

Keep Moving Forward…

As you go about your day realize that it is important that you keep moving forward. Moving forward will inspire you to keep opening new doors and trying new things. Always be curious as being curious can lead you down some new paths and lead to new adventures. The first step begins with you and believing in who you are.

When The Rain Kisses Me…






I love a rainy day the rain is so soothing as it gently falls from the sky. When the rain kisses me it showers my spirit and waters my soul. Oh how I love it when the rain kisses me… I have no hesitation letting the rain beat upon my head those sweet silver liquid drops. I choose rain or a cloudy day as I have trained the clouds that come floating into my life to carry rain or usher storm, and add color to my sunset sky.


My Intimacy

My Intimacy is not primarily a sharing with another. My intimacy starts with being intimate with myself. My Intimacy knows the core things within myself. I then let what I do flow from where I have been. My Intimacy must begin with getting in contact with myself. Once I am in contact with myself I can then give and share myself with another.  I will stay in touch with my experiences. 



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